Career Scope

Why people will choose this field?

The first reason to choose this field is that the scopes of growing in this sector are immense, especially due to the reason that the flourish of digital marketing is relatively new in today’s business world and will grow even more in the years to come. Apart from that, the digital marketing arena allows you to try out your creativity and your knowledge to experiment with new things. Either you succeed sooner or you learn to do so. Being a growing job sector, this field has a lot of job opportunities to offer in the coming few years.

Probable job vacancy expectancy by 2025

The count of job opportunities has been steeply increasing as its various branches are gaining more and more exposure each passing day. It is expected to take up a huge proportion of vacancies in the next few years as almost all offices will be getting more and more dependent on the digital methods of marketing their business. Currently, there are only about 2,00,000 individuals working in the sector with close to another 75,000 vacancies yet to be filed in the various organizations across the nation. As more companies turn to use digital marketing, job scopes are expected to rise as high as 4,50,000 – 6,00,000 opportunities by 2025.

Why is this field rewarding?

Digital marketing allows you to try out a lot of things. It lets you think of strategies to reach to a huge audience without much effort. Once you have earned sufficient experience in the field, you can even try out a lot of things that can provide you with a stable handsome income to live on. The options include becoming a blogger by profession, affiliate marketer, working as a freelancer or a consultant, setting up your own agency, becoming a YouTuber and many more. Anything you can think of can be turned into a success with the right knowledge and experience of digital marketing.

Advantages of choosing Digital Marketing as a career path

The advantages of developing a career in the digital marketing field are many. To begin with, you will be a professional who will always be in demand. The options you get to choose from in the field are many. You can deal with the web development and designing part if you are interested in or be the social media manager. The options are even more. The best part of becoming a digital marketer is that the pay scale you would be getting would be much higher than your peers. Also, you are sure to enjoy the agility and versatility that you will be getting from your job role. The variety of people you will have to work with also ensures that you will never get bored at your work and will always be learning something new.

What types of job can you apply for in the field?

The options of jobs that you can apply for are many. Some of the beginner to mid-level jobs that you can look for in the current industry after the training include working as a digital marketing executive, search engine marketer, SEO executive, web developer or designer, link building specialist, email marketing expert, Social Media specialist, Web analyst, content marketing executive, online reputation manager and many others. As you earn experience and rise up the ladder, you have the opportunities to work as a digital marketing strategist or be a social media manager, a digital marketing director or a branding head.

How many packages you should expect?

The payment you can expect directly depends upon a lot of factors including your experience, skills, expertise, and location of the job. As a content writer, you can expect a pay scale ranging from 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs depending on your quality and skill of writing. A social media manager typically earns from 3.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs on a yearly basis. The yearly income of an SEO manager, Search Engine Marketer or a web designer ranges from 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs at the least and that of a digital marketing manager ranges from 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum.

Why is there a gap between the job and the employee?

This is because of the limited distribution of the knowledge about the field that a limited count of candidates is able to enjoy the benefits of working in the field of digital marketing. It is mainly due to this reason that the current market is not able to fill up the demands of digital marketing from the current business sectors. As more individuals come to know about this field and hoe to get trained for a job role in this sector, the gap is sure to be bridged up.

Why choose this field over other options?

The reasons to choose this field over the other fields are many. Not only this field is offering a lot of vacancies to be filled up over the coming years, but also the compensation rates are quite high as well. Also, it lets you enjoy the liberty of running your own creativity and experiment new things regularly that none of the other job fields can provide you with. Once you have gathered the necessary experience and get your own business started, the freedom you can enjoy will also be limitless. It does not need you to have any prior specialization to be able to serve in the industry. It just needs your passion to learn and will to succeed and with the right training, anyone can turn into a master digital marketer in a very short time.

What is the future scope of the digital marketing industry?

The future of the digital marketing industry clearly boasts of the huge vacancies that will be coming up in the near future. Currently, only a percentage of the present businesses have turned to use the digital platforms and by 2020, 90% of the present day businesses would be doing the same. As the entire business market is shifting to the online platform for ease of access and use, the growth of digital marketing is sure to explode and create opportunities for a lot of skilled professionals in the field.